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About synchroshakti

Personal coaching, Personal development workshop seminars, YouTube discourses,Higher conscious & Kirtan Music concerts.

Kartika Nair is a 26 year old woman Entrepreneur from Bangalore, India, who started her entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 19. Her Personal development brand, “Synchroshakti”, is designed to help empower people in all walks of life mentally, emotionally and spiritually. “Synchroshakti” had it’s humble beginning in 2011 as a YouTube channel in which Kartika uploaded hundreds of videos of her talks on personal development, self help and spiritual tools. After gathering a following on YouTube, she worked a few years as a content writer, personality analyst and coach for a start up company in Bangalore, before starting her own training and coaching programs under her own brand. She is a Psychology major, certified personality analyst, NLP practitioner and trainer. Over the years, Kartika has successfully coached hundreds of people across the world through her YouTube videos, one on one personal coaching sessions and wellness training programs. Kartika is also a singer, songwriter and musician, who has incorporated her music with personal development and spirituality. She has represented India and continues to work with conscious musicians across the world 

Professional Profile

The name “Synchroshakti” was born out of merging two words: one, ‘Synchronicity’, referring to “meaningful co-incidences” or divine intervention and the Sanskrit word ‘Shakti’ referring to the primordial cosmic and universal energy.

As though divinely guided, Kartika’s life and spiritual path has unfolded with great many synchronicities and experiences that has caused her to look within herself in a long pursuit of self -awareness and self -mastery, and it is her continual learning in this journey that she shares with the world to help others look within themselves for the answers they seek.

In one line, Synchroshakti, is all about empowerment- spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Kartika has the unique gift to connect with people and shift their lives even in the case of her most difficult clients. This makes “Synchroshakti”, not just Kartika’s personal brand but also the purpose and mission of her life.


Personal Coaching

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching is helping individuals make significant shifts and breakthroughs in the different areas of their life, where they feel they need help, mentorship or guidance. These areas could be mental, emotional and spiritual. As a personal coach, Kartika applies her training as an NLP practitioner, a personality analyst, a psychology major, a certified trainer, her years of knowledge and wisdom from her own journey into self help and spirituality to make the best possible shifts for her clients. Kartika has the power to intuitively connect with her clients and know exactly what to shift to create the most impact. Her coaching has a 100% success rate, and is very well appreciated by clients and fellow coaches alike. She has a unique understanding of the mind, the spirit and the emotional core, and relays her personal wisdom and training to shift the lives of many. 

The sessions are conducted either face to face or via Skype, depending on where the client is located.

What People Are Saying About Synchroshakti Coaching
I was hesitant at first, but over the course of our sessions, I learnt the most valuable lesson in life-’Self Love’. Kartika guided me into a more stable path of peace, purpose and strength and for that I shall always be grateful. For those who want to live more everyday, I recommend Synchroshakti
Shane Rocqueworking professional, Bangalore, India.
"I saw Kartika's few videos on YouTube and she sounded very assuring in her videos. I followed her on YouTube for sometime and then finally decided to consult her for help, which wasn't a bad choice at all. Kartika is  a very friendly, funny and understanding person. She tries to see what you are experiencing and then tries to match it with your situation and comes up with a way out of the trouble. She could understand where I was loosing the grip over my life and she came up with a work around that suits me very well and does help me get over all the mental stress. Now i feel confident and very light in the head. I practice what was guided to me and that is helping me a lot to have a simple peaceful and balanced life. I recommend Kartika because she is very understanding and doesn't ignore what you saying. she listens to every single concern of yours without judgement. I have been benefited by her sessions and I am pretty sure she will be help others through their tough times"
Shylendra shindeWorking professional, Bangalore, India.
"For the longest time, I had been walking a very self doubting, shelled path which paved way for low self-esteem, low energy, and a constant need to seek approval. After having reached a point of constant anxiety and despair, I reached out to Kartika as I'd been following her wonderful work on and off for about a year. A lot of things that she spoke about in her videos really resonated with me, and without even a dialogue I felt connected to her. Having reached out to her to help me out with the things that were holding me back, was nothing short of an absolute blessing. After each session, I could feel myself gearing to be a more positive and self- loving person. During our sessions, she helped me break through all my limiting self beliefs and set me on a path of self- actualization and true bliss. The visualization techniques, being grounded, self-affirmation, gratitude, feeling purposeful, a strong belief in myself are just some of the things that I've gained in these five sessions.Kartika has an ability to make you see not just the good but the best in yourself and in this wonderful world that we live in.So, whether you're looking for guidance or a complete overhaul of your mental and spiritual being, Synchroshakti knows how to guide you to that state"
Parmin JoharSportsperson/student, India
"Kartika is a wondrous life coach who helped me rediscover my real self, which had once fallen to the back burner of my life. The terrific tools that she has employed completely transformed me!"
Radhika NairFOSS activist, California, USA
"I have come across Synchroshakti (Kartika Nair) through her YouTube channel. I was going through some self help channels and many videos when I bumped into one of her amazing videos. Needless to say I kept watching around 5 or 6 videos of Kartika in one go. The amount of wisdom, the knowledge and her eloquent way of presentation that she brought out got me captivated.The next day I reached out to Kartika on Facebook. After a few exchanges I knew I had to engage with her to help me out on my journey of self realization and rediscovery. Though I thought myself to be a person of Positive mindset, I knew I lacked clarity of thoughts and suffered from constant inner chatter which impeded my progress in a big way.In late September of this year I started, with Kartika, one on one coaching session via skype. It was one of the wisest decision I ever took after embarking on the path of self realization. With maturity and wisdom beyond her age, Kartika very efficiently analysed my problem areas. In the subsequent sessions she was not only able to address my issues, but also help me to achieve the paradigm shift that I was looking forward to. Overnight, after the third session, my whole mindset has gone through an overhaul. Some of the NLP techniques she employed did wonders to my outlook and no more negativity or inner chatter has any place in my life. I do believe that no matter how much self help one can find, be it is acquired by extensive reading or research, one needs a mentor to guide you to the right path in your journey. I cannot say enough about Kartika's expertise in helping you to get focused and make you realize how to question life situations in a positive way that it propels you in an upward angle all the time. I was so impressed with her effectiveness that I recommended Kartika's consultation to my business partner,who himself has engaged with her to help him out on his journey.The professionalism showed in her consultation is also admirable like the time management, follow up and attention to the details. It's just something that everyone should learn from her. I do strongly recommend that. I am even more impressed that she is a person who is in her early 20's getting out into the world to manifest her goals and at the same time is giving back to the universe what she gained from her personal journey of self realization. I am also a great fan of her musical endeavors as she is an original singer song writer. I learned from her the new genre of music called higher conscious music. I have learned from my life experiences that nothing in life happens as a result of coincidences or by chance. We are all on our journey of creating our own reality, some knowingly and some unknowingly, and we meet people due to higher purposes that are set by our own conscious efforts. I do wish Kartika the very best in her career and I am also looking forward to work with her in spreading the knowledge and wisdom to the future generations"
George SamuelsCEO & Founder, Green Maxim Consulting, Australia
"Kartika is by far one of the most accomplished coach and musician I have ever come across. Her understanding of people and how to help them continue to astound me as I am met by more of her work. I am happy to have had her as a part of my journey into personal development"
Nehrini NambisanHead trainer, D'you Mind
"Often we lose sense of direction and we need a GPS to find our way. Synchroshakti appeared into my life as my GPS, which was indeed not by chance but by divine intervention. Perceptions of the self had been shrouded by self doubt, fear and negative emotions. Throughout my sessions with Kartika (Synchroshakti) self doubt gave way to clarity. I traveled from a space of despair to a new found sense of direction and focus. I can confidently say that I have cut through the maze of confusion, and learnt to have trust in the universe. A total transformation had taken place. Synchroshakti gave me the inspiration to effect these changes as well as concepts and tools to draw upon internal elements as well as externalities that support my growth as an effective human being. It was as if I had learned to turn on my own light to see the path that was obscured by darkness and Kartika held my hand and walked me through my path. Have you ever sought a guide to take you through your path? Well, the universe has responded."
Sabrina HasnaenStudent, University of California, USA.
" A few months back, I was in search of answers to a few questions that was haunting my mind for the past couple of years. I came to know of Kartika through her video channel "Synchroshakti", from which I got my answers. She helped me find the true value in me and push my life forward that was stagnant for the past couple of years"Viswa Kumar (Student)
Viswa Kumar (Student)
"Hi I am Debolina. I have taken up sessions with Kartika and it was really helpful for me. I would suggest people to take up these sessions if you are suffering from any sort of depression or have belief in spirituality"
Debolina NathWorking Professional, India
"I recently realized that my insecurities and low self-confidence was hindering my abilities to reach my full potential. As a result, I watched several YouTube videos on personal development and Kartika’s words of wisdom resonated with me the most so I decided to arrange some personal sessions with her.During the sessions, Kartika patiently listened to my concerns and tailored her sessions accordingly to maximize my shift to higher consciousness. She provided me with many valuable tools which I can carry with me life long. She definitely helped me realize my worth, blessings and that my negative thoughts were all just an illusion.If you want to break down those barriers that prevent you from reaching your highest potential as well, I highly recommend that you reach out to Kartika. She helped me become a better version of myself and I am confident she will for you as well"
Anonymous(Student at Western University), Canada

Types of super affordable coaching programs offered:

  • Open coaching, where you are free to book a few sessions at a time for a short duration to cater to the specific guidance you seek.
  • Extended monthly mentorship programs for clients who wish to keep a steady long term coaching experience for greater and more sustained results. This program has a special packet for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year coaching, with sessions scheduled once a week for that duration.
  • Email coaching program, for clients who need daily or weekly guidance and mentorship but do not have the time to do full 90 minute sessions one on one. Here communication and discussion happens mainly through email exchanges once a day or once a week.
  • Online courses, where clients can get coached through my online courses at the comfort of their own home and do the course on their own time. This is as effective as personal coaching, if the client does the work entailed within the program diligently.

It is recommended to contact Kartika and have a conversation with her regarding the issues you would like to work through before booking any of the above mentioned coaching programs, so that she can best guide you on the most effective program for your specific needs.

Everyone knows that it is important to create a healthy mind, healthy connection to the body i.e. the present moment, a healthy emotional system and a healthy spiritual connection to co-create at ease positive life experiences and circumstances. The problem is that no-one was taught how to do any of this! In fact, some of us were taught the complete opposite of what is good for our well-being. You became a victim of victims like your parents, and their parents or your teachers or your friends and colleagues. You wake up every morning with the same thoughts, same patterns of behavior, same attitudes, same energy, dragging that into every new moment and you wonder why nothing is working out for you. The truth is you have no idea how to sustain your own strength, calm and brilliance by yourself because no-one ever showed you how! This is where coaching comes into the picture. A coach will guide you and show you exactly how to not just create the shifts you are looking for but more essentially how to SUSTAIN those shifts, so you are ALWAYS in control of yourself, no matter WHAT SITUATION life presents you.

I know you would love to be able to learn the tools essential to master yourself and thus in the process master your life.

Kartika is one coach, who is recommended very highly not just by her clients but also fellow coaches who have witnessed the impact of her work.

If YOU are looking for guidance and help in YOUR life, act now and

Seminar programs


  1. 60 minute self help tools and techniques program
  2. One Day 9 hour Master your mind, master your life program
  3. One day 9 hour Attract your perfect life program
  4. One day 9 hour Stress free living program

60 minute self help tools and techniques program

pic 1

Kartika presents her 60 minute tools and techniques program to many groups of people across backgrounds and ages to present them with simple yet powerful knowledge and tools that they can use everyday to empower themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She gives these talks to corporates, schools, colleges, apartment complexes and offices. The core focus of her 60 minute seminar is on the importance of creating and balancing out a healthy mind, body connection, emotional system and spiritual connection to create powerful and lasting shifts within you and your life.

One Day 9 hour Intensive self mastery program

The Master your Mind, Master your Life Program

pic 2

At the workshop, you will learn:

  1. To be calm, peaceful & grounded inside no matter what is going on outside of you
  2. To create a very strong and healthy mindset
  3. To deal with emotions in the healthiest way possible
  4. To let go of the past and create a bright future by mastering the present
  5. To build a beautiful relationship with the universe to invite and receive more good into your life

pic 3


What People Are Saying About Synchroshakti Workshop Seminar
Kartika’s talk was insightful, interesting and interactive and should be accessible to everyone! Thanks for making this your life’s mission!
Nisha Narayanan
I never used to attend such sessions and this one I found interesting. The simple techniques and feelings are ones that we usually forget in our busy life. The way the presentation was done by Kartika was really good. Some of these techniques, I would like to spread to my near and dear ones. Thank you very much Kartika!
Mrs Roshan
It was a very effective, short and powerful intro into the power of our thoughts and the need for self awareness. Kartika was very effective in making us experience the importance and power of thoughts and the importance of gratitude. Thank you!
Ramkrishna Raja
I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for conducting this. I got to know more about myself and I felt very relaxed at the end of the session. I didn't exactly know the truth about myself. So many things I didn't know, I learnt
Suhasini Giridhar
I feel more relaxed and at the core of peace. Would love to come for more seminars. Your sessions are amazing! Last but not the least, your way of explaining got printed in my mind really well. Keep it up!
Swati Suresh
Kartika is an extremely motivating speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed her sessions
Shilpa K
I was always feeling stress in life because of hectic schedules in the workplace. I attended one session for 30 minutes and really felt that I was relieved from the stress by following Kartika Nair’s tools and techniques. It was an amazing experience and I recommend everybody to attend the course and keep health in good condition, because health is wealth
Ramalinga Raju
How emotions affect health was particularly interesting. It’s empowering to understand the connect and to able to use it to the advantage
Sean Fernandez
A very well designed workshop that helps you connect with yourself and address the nagging fears/issues/beliefs. A MUST-DO for people of all ages, for emotional well-being and true bliss..so happy to be a part of this maiden voyage! Gracias!
Sukshma Iyer
One of the best workshops I have experienced. The interactive sessions, especially after holotropy was AMAZING! Kartika and Nehrini’s explanations were good and easy to understand, and the guided techniques helped me get in touch with and know my inner self
Samrat Dey

For business enquiries or to book Kartika to organize an event for your team or to speak at an event, please contact us.

  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Higher conscious Music Concerts

To learn more or book Kartika please contact us at: synchroshakti@gmail.com


Synchroshakti Reggae & Conscious music

Under the brand name “Synchroshakti”, Kartika performs Reggae and conscious music to bring positivism, empowerment and motivation to help raise the audience and align them back into their hearts. Kartika is currently working on her album Love Unites Us, along with several projects with artists across the world.

Synchroshakti- Love Unites Us

Synchroshakti-Noone Like You

To know more about Synchroshakti Music or for business inquiries please contact us. For booking Inquiries in Europe, contact Maarten at Lostarkmusic@gmail.com.

Synchroshakti Ft Srivasa - Break Through The Day


A Concert featuring Kartika Nair at Atta Galatta


Synchroshakti- Light Of The Moon


Synchroshakti- Medicine Buddha


Synchroshakti- Dakshanamurti Mantra


Synchroshakti- Sun Is Shining



Synchroshakti youtube channel

The Synchroshakti Youtube channel began in 2011. It has a hundred over video discourses by Kartika on several topics of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Science, and Personal Development. The channel is designed to give the audience an empowering experience by providing powerful and transformative tools and knowledge based on spirituality, self help, NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and personality analysis. The videos are aimed at empowering people emotionally, mentally and spiritually to grow to become the best versions of themselves. Here below are a few among the hundred over video discourses on the Synchroshakti channel.

How To Experience True Inner Peace


Your Results Can Never Exceed How You See Yourself


How to Transmute Pain Into Light and Strength


Facing Fears Challenge


Your Outside World is a Reflection Of Your Inner World


Easiest and Quickest Way to Manifest ALL Your Desires


How To Be An Excellent Receiver Of The Universal Abundance


Law Of Attraction: The Vision Board


Emotional Release Technique


Positive affirmations- What, Why & How?



Kartika was featured on the cover page of the Italian Lifestyle Magazine Byou Mag.
pic 1
Detailed interview of Kartika’s work on the same magazine
Kartika was featured on the cover page of an Indian newspaper “Deccan chronicle”
pic 3
Detailed interview of Kartika’s music in the same newspaper
pic 4
Kartika’s music concerts were featured in the newspapers
Kartika’s was interviewed on an entrepreneur website
pic 8
Kartika was featured as one of her cities prominent YouTubers in a newspaper article
pic 9


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